What You Need to Know About Gingivitis

There are a number of oral or periodontal diseases which have commonly been experienced by many. One form of a periodontal disease is gingivitis. It is an inflammation of the gum tissues and a kind of non-destructive periodontal disease. It has two types namely plaque induced and non-plaque induced. Plaque induced type occurs when there is build up of bacteria on the teeth. These bacteria form plaques and tartar which is usually located at the base of the gums, which causes the gums to be inflamed and irritated. The second type is non-plaque induced which do not result from plaque and tartar formation. It could be caused by systemic causes such hormonal change, or certain medications or from other diseases such HIV infection.


Symptoms of this periodontal disease include bleeding gums, even with the use of soft toothbrush and gentle brushing, tender gums but could be painless, swollen gums, bright red to red-purple color of the gums, and mouth sores.

Risk Factors

Those who are at risk for developing this condition include those who have a systemic infection, individuals who have poor oral hygiene, those who have teeth who are misaligned and pregnant women (due to hormonal changes that makes the gum softer) to name some. It could also lead to another condition called periodontitis in which the condition is left untreated and the bacteria reach the ligaments that support the teeth. This usually leads to loss of teeth especially in adults.

Once you have noted the symptoms discussed above, you should consult your dentist immediately. The dentist will do a careful assessment and use particular instruments to clean your teeth and remove the cause. To have adjunct therapy, proper oral hygiene at home should be observed at home to make sure the treatment would be successful. Over the counter anti inflammatory drugs may be prescribed. The main method of prevention for gum inflammation is oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist.

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The Things You Can Do On The Internet

The internet is a very convenient tool for most people. There are even those that make a career related to the internet and one of them is web design. Singapore happens to have some of the best web designers around. Web designing is a profession that involves people working and making websites. They can change and edit those sites but they primarily deal with the functions and the aesthetics of the website. Going back to the internet, there are a lot of things that people can do on the internet that most would enjoy or find amusing in a sense.

What are things you can do online?

  • One of the things most people do online is to find information. People use the internet for gaining knowledge and information. They can use the information for daily life or for school purposes.
  • There are those that use the internet for entertainment and recreational purposes. People can always watch videos, listen to music or play games online. These act as a form of entertainment purpose.
  • People can also buy things online. In a sense people can make money through the online world. The methods usually vary but making money is always available on the internet which can be convenient for some while it can be a hassle for some.

 Things to keep in mind when going on the internet

  • There are thousands of sites that you can use when going online. You can always check some of them and maybe all of them when you have the time.
  • When going online, keep in mind that you have an IP address. That means that you shouldn’t be doing some questionable things because they can track you down easily with your IP address in track.

There are a lot of things that you can do on the internet for a variety of reasons.

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